About Gentle Canine

Gentle Canine Fitness and Training (GCFT) focuses on building a healthy and happy relationship between you and your canine companion. The dog's physical and emotional wellbeing will be integrated with the needs of your individual lifestyle.

A Bit About The Trainer

Founder of Gentle Canine Fitness and Training, Nicole Ireland, has been a licensed veterinary technician with a special interest in behavior for twenty years. She practices least intrusive minimally aversive (lima) methods with her patients and in training. 
Nicole uses skills learned from her Fear Free certification, Low Stress Handling University course, and reading extensively about behavior and training. She also stays current on the science of dog training through webinars and short courses online. Nicole completed her Certified Canine Fitness Trainer course through the University of Tennessee in 2019. 
Nicole's personal dog training philosophy is to care for the whole dog. She strives to balance dogs' physical, emotional, and mental well-being with the needs of their humans' household. 
Nicole lives with her husband, David, in Bradford, Maine. They share the love of four dogs and two cats. She spends her spare time competing in agility, hiking with her Australian shepherd, and exploring the world through her camera lens.


Next Manners, and Agility Classes start January 7th. Puppy Life Lessons and Fitness Classes are on-going.